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 frequently asked questions

How Do I Book You?

There are many ways! You can go to the “Contact” tab on this website and fill out the inquiry. You can also email And lastly you can message me on Instagram! .. I am very active there!

Shooting Outdoors?

I shoot outdoors most of the time. I love the beach, the woods, fields.. All nature! If you aren’t sure where you want your photoshoot to be I recommend scrolling through my instagram to see the locations I already shoot at. I also think scouring Pinterest is helpful too! 

Shooting In Studio?

A studio photoshoot can be so powerful! I recommend choosing 1-2 background colors that have. 

What To Wear?

I always recommend neutrals! Comfort is key as well! If you aren’t comfortable in your outfit it will show in the photos. I recommend stores like Free People, Anthropology, Urban Outfitters, etc. Those are just my personal favorites, but go where you LOVE! Remember, you can always buy and then return too! Random requests- stick to lighter denim rather than dark denim. A little distressing always looks good on camera as well. I also suggest straying away from aggressive stripes or prints. Layering texture is also a beautiful way to add interest to the outfit, but not take away from you in the photo!

Do You Offer Prints Or Albums?

My packages DO NOT include tangible products. Just digital files of your photos. If you wish to order prints, albums, or decor with your purchased photos you can do it through me. Pricing is a la carte.

What's The Turnaround Time?

I do all my own editing by myself so turn around time is between one to two weeks! Of course it also depends on the volume of photos taken. Example- a small wedding will take a bit longer than some professional headshots to edit. 

What's A Contract and Why Should I Sign It?

My contract is a simple way for you to tell me we are on the same page and you trust me as an artist and a business owner to deliver for you! It has some boring stuff in there about lateness and liability. Blah Blah Blah! It also allows me to post the photos I take of you on Instagram and my website. Everyone is happy to sign this- as they found me through Instagram or someone else’s posted photos! 

Why Is There A Deposit Fee?

The deposit fee is required to book your photoshoot and to glue you into my calendar. The balance of the photoshoot is due the day of your photoshoot. I require a deposit because the days booked by clients are important to me, as I know they are important to you. Deposits are non refundable but can be saved for a later time if a reschedule must happen. Fun fact- I can do payment plans! 

Professional Hair and Makeup

I always suggest hiring a professional to do your makeup and/or hair. If you're only interested in hiring one over the other, I recommend going with makeup. A set of lashes really enhances the face. You will also feel extra confident and it will show through in your photos! But this is completely up to you! 

"I'm Awkward."

Hi, have you met me? I think EVERYONE says this before their photoshoot. I totally get it! I tell you what to do down to your fingers and your breathing if need be! I am 100% aware being in front of the camera can be scary and we all do funny things when we’re nervous with our faces. This is why I'm taking your photos, to notice those things while we’re shooting. Maybe you just need to be told to breath and shake it out? That’s why I’m here!

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