I'm Monica.

I’ve always been a sun chaser, edit all nighter, “Look at the sky” type of person! Photoshoots can seem scary. I can assure you’ll feel comfortable with me being your photographer once I fill you in on a few things about me. 

Yes, I’m a dog person, my dog is my soul sister. Forget high heels, I’d rather be barefoot. Cozy wine nights over clubbing. Forever not a morning person. Bubble baths and Netflix. Tacos for dinner..again. Sweatpants all winter. Full of dad jokes. Sundays are for Shameless. I’m on the creative right side of the brain, laughing at everything gal!


I pride myself in making everyone feel super comfortable around me. I’ve been a photographer for what feels like forever. But if we’re being technical, since 2013. From that time until now, it feels like I know why my 5 foot body was put here to do. To capture the raw and the real. The photos you can look back at in 40 years and can still hear the laughter happening.


I shoot all sorts of stuff! Take a peek here, or on Instagram. You will probably learn even more about me through my photography, rather than anything I can ever write.

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