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meet monica


A little about me..

I was born and raised on Long Island, NY. Creating always came natural to me and I'm very much a "people person". I am outgoing, empathic, and quite unique. If I'm not shooting or editing,

you can probably find me at home to be honest. I'm a homebody at heart, which I think you can guess just by looking at my work. I find the most value in humble and comfortable moments.


I've been taking photos for as long as I can remember, but made it official in 2019 when I decided to become a business. Since then my photography journey has been quit a spiritual experience. I've had the honor of documenting the most important and personal moments of many people's lives. It become apparent to me that the images I was taking were the only tangible versions of these memories. At that moment, photography became way more than a way to create and make money.. It became the experiences and feelings I witnessed in real time. From then on the way I viewed each session or event was as if I wasn't even there. As if I was watching a movie unfold and capturing stills on camera.


There's a special moment between the poses and prompts. It's the moments the brain stops and the body just is. Those are the intimate moments I take pride in documenting. They're authentic. Photographs you can feel.


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